“1984” is coming to life in Trump regime

Predictions are coming true


As Sara Foss moderated the movie “1984” shown in the GE Theater soon after the election, she might have predicted what could happen under a Trump presidency. There’s evidence that what happens in the book and movie is happening in our country. 

For example, the president’s FCC policies allow corporations to legally buy multiple TV and radio stations as a way to influence people toward the way he thinks. The president touted that the Sinclair Corp. provides more reliable news than any other news outlet. The corporation is directing its newscasters to use a script in line with the president’s belief system. 

The book and movie “1984” tell the story of what happens when the state, in our case the president and Congress, urges the media to deliver beliefs it wants the people to buy into. The last holdout in the story finally gives in and proclaims that two plus two equals five. No one believes that two plus two equals five, but there are other real facts this administration is pushing away as it attempts to replace them to change people’s sense of what is really going on. 

See the movie or read the book for the full story, which is in the process of unfolding before us in our own country.

Bill Shapiro


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