Who decides where statue will end up?

Mayor's settling for 'semi-happy?'


I was one of the speakers at the Schenectady City Council meeting on March 26 regarding the returning of the Statue of Liberty that was removed from Gateway (Liberty) Park due to construction.

This is the land of liberty, and everyone is entitled to voice their opinion in speech or the written word. Everyone knows that we all have three minutes to speak. That’s not a lot of time when you are standing up there. Take the time to count to 180 and you will see how fast the time goes. You think about what you’re going to say beforehand and then the clocks cuts you off. Council President Kosouir is very good at reminding you that your time is short.

Everyone who spoke in favor or against returning the Lady Liberty statue to its original space in Gateway (Liberty) Plaza or Steinmetz Park made good sense.

We all could have saved time and let the words of Councilman Vince Riggi speak for all of us. In part, he stated that he had received calls from many people asking about the return of the statue to its original place. In checking with city employees, it was confirmed that the statue was going back to its rightful place — Liberty Park.

The city council adopted Resolution #2013-206 on Aug. 12, 2013, for an Implementation Plan that calls for Liberty to be returned along State Street near the CDTA shelter. Does that mean that all resolutions don’t mean anything after they’re passed by legal votes?

Mr. Riggi stated: “Who makes the decision to put the statue back or in Steinmetz Park? Is it the council’s move or the mayor’s?” We want to know.

My question is, why did the people of Goose Hill have to come up with over 200 subjects to sign petitions to have the statue placed in Steinmetz Park?

Mayor McCarthy seems to be the decision maker, and he stated it will be a “semi-happy” decision.

James A. Wilson


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