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Must act quickly to fix the DACA issue

Gary Grill, Canaan


President Trump’s tweets (on Easter Sunday no less) pronouncing a deal on DACA “dead” were full of his usual lies, pandering and buck passing.

It’s clearer than it ever was that he never planned on solving the problems of the Dreamers. It’s clearer than it ever was that he doesn’t care about the 1 million and more young people who are as American as you and me, but can’t claim citizenship.

It’s clearer than it ever was that he’s an ignorant, racist blowhard who isn’t interested in solving the very problems he created, but will blame everyone else for their creation.

Well, in truth, Congress does have the power to solve this — why can’t there be, for humanity’s sake, Rep. John Faso, a bi-partisan solution to DACA? 

Furthermore, Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand and Charles Schumer, the Democrats never should have allowed the government to be funded until this was resolved. Indeed, the failure to do so is as much on them as it is on this misfit president and his lackeys in Congress. It’s time to act, and quickly, to fix this mess.

Gary Grill


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