Ballston Spa

Efforts to impeach Trump based on lies

Michael P. Croce Sr., Ballston Spa


In response to Raymond Harris’ April 9 letter on how will Trump go down. 

1) With all the biased investigators on this phony Russian collusion witch hunt, you would think after more than a year, some evidence of collision would surface, but nothing. 

2) Trade wars? When was the last time our president put the United States first? 

3) Trump’s total disrespect for women? Two words for this: Bill Clinton.  

4) Dreamers? If these Dreamers have been in this country for all these years and haven’t made an effort to become citizens, get out.

5) Extravagant travel and lifestyle? I believe your memory needs to be refreshed. Michelle Obama traveled the world on our dime with friends and family for eight years. 

Finally, this Trump-bashing bandwagon is a total joke. Never, ever a positive accomplishment is printed about the president of this great country. How can millions of our tax dollars be thrown down the drain on an investigation that went off the rails because the real swamp is afraid of being exposed for the crooks that they are?

I think I will destroy 30,000 subpoenaed e-mails, smash my devices with a hammer, tell lies after lies to the government, and sell a part of our uranium — and walk free.

Michael P. Croce Sr.

Ballston Spa

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