Fight Spectrum’s rate increases

Lou Mosher, Amsterdam


I just had Spectrum install the package of basic cable TV, phone and internet in the fall of 2017. At that time, I was paying $138.26 a month. On Feb. 14, 2018, I paid Spectrum $148.63, which I thought was a reasonable increase. The next month, the charges were $160.21. I sent my check for $148.63 and wrote “disputed” on both the check and the return stub.

On the back of one of the pages of Spectrum’s bill, there is an item called “complaint procedures.” It states: “If you disagree with your charges, you have 60 days from the billing date to register a complaint.” The important part that follows says “During the dispute period, we will not terminate service, provided you pay the undisputed portion of your bill.”

May I suggest that everyone who has a dispute with Spectrum follow the above instructions from them? Maybe Spectrum will get the message.



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