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Flynn ready to step in over Faso

Joellyn Kopecky, Warnerville


Much has been made about the Democratic drive to unseat Rep. John Faso in the 19th Congressional District. There are seven players vying to be on the ballot in November. That’s a wealth of possibility. But how effective and electable would each one of them be?

When you look for proposals to repair the damage done by Faso and his fellows, there is only one candidate who stands out: Brian Flynn. Instead of sound bites, Flynn goes into detail, point by point, not only about what needs to be changed in Washington, but how he suggests we go about doing so.

Flynn doesn’t shy away from tough questions. Asked why his company outsourced jobs when he talks about bringing jobs to New York, Flynn’s answer was unambiguous: Railway infrastructure near his manufacturing plant was nonexistent and getting products to market was difficult. Outsourcing the transportation aspect of his company meant he could bring 150 more manufacturing jobs to the area. That’s an honest business assessment — and a good solution.

Brian Flynn is a third-generation Greene County local. He’s no carpetbagger. Family and business are both here. What’s at stake in the 19th District affects him as much as it does us.

For two years, we’ve had a politician in Washington who only answers to his Republican masters rather than advocating for constituents. It’s time we had a champion in Washington – and Brian Flynn is ready and able to step into the fray for us.



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