Focus attention on effort to help addicts

Mary Ann Bruno, Schenectady


Regarding the recent incident at Summit Towers, many of us aren’t involved in drug activity. We worked many years and earned wages and retirement pensions. It’s unfair to clump all of us together as low, undeserving addicts/alcoholics.

While it’s true some have addictions, they aren’t well and need treatment. Unfortunately, the system has designed a revolving-door solution that hasn’t worked.

Our office manager, maintenance staff and monitors are doing all they can possibly do to resolve the issue. The Schenectady police work tirelessly to assist in combating the issue.

The young people involved in this activity are well-mannered and polite to all residents.

Their lives are in jeopardy, but attempts to help them are moot because addicts requires more than one of us trying to turn their lives around. If their families can’t, they certainly won’t heed our counsel.

Schenectady as a reputation for being one of 15 cities across the country with the highest crime rate.

My response to that is the time Rudy Giuliani decided to weed out New York City of all its criminals. Funding was given to build rehab centers in our area. One by one, they migrated up here and chose to settle.

For anyone who thinks this didn’t create a serious problem for our city, residents, police and sheriff’s department should open their eyes and place blame where it truly lies.

It’s my sincerest hope that change comes before another generation of young people falls into the mud and mire of addiction.

Rather than gossip about one specific area, learn that it’s a national problem that occurs even in the best of areas.

It’s my hope and prayer that all will focus on the positive efforts being made, as opposed to the ugly discernment that goes along with the addiction crisis.

Mary Ann Bruno


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