Appreciate police for dangers they face

Giuliana Spadaro, Rotterdam


As a Mohonasen High School student, it’s a concern to me that police officers have to worry about their safety on a daily basis a lot more than usual. I’ve read about officers getting shot and killed for no reason at all. It frustrates me that when police are needed, for whatever the situation may be, they respond and get shot at for trying to do their jobs. 

I have experienced the dangers first-hand. I went on a ride-along a few times where we were sent to a call and a few officers had to fight with a someone who was hitting them and being completely uncooperative.

There was a point during the call where an officer almost had to pull his gun to make sure all the officers were safe. Another experience I had was when an officer I was with was inside a trailer with someone and the trailer collapsed with him inside. I have never felt more scared in my life than I was for him. I didn’t know what was going on.

Police are not safe. These officers put their lives on the line everyday.

Not only do police officers have to make sure that they keep themselves safe, but so do the dispatchers. They have to make sure all of their officers are all accounted for. I just hope that people in the world appreciate what police do every day to keep their community safe.

Giuliana Spadaro


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