Iran wins if we back out of nuclear deal

Glenn Gray, Rotterdam


Let’s take a moment to review the facts of the Iran nuke deal. Along with numerous other countries, we made the following deal: We get your centrifuges, most of your heavy water, the stuff required to produce a bomb, and we get to inspect. They got the money back that we took from them as part of the sanctions.

It was from their bank accounts, Wall Street investments , etc. We provided it in cash because we had eliminated all ability to wire money to or from Iran as part of the sanctions. 

The international inspection team reports that the Iranians are in compliance with the deal. They are still bad guys, just bad guys with no nukes.

The deal was urgent because the Iranians’ ability to produce a bomb was being measured in months, not years. Current complaints about not including missiles and terrorism activity in the agreement demonstrates a lack of understanding. One guy’s terrorist is another guy’s freedom-fighter.

Had we gone down that road, we would still be sitting at the table arguing about that one, when the first bombs were completed. 

Now, apparently, Trump thinks that backing out of the agreement is a smart thing to do? So, they have their money back and they can resume developing a bomb. Well played, Donald. Geesch.

Glenn Gray


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