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Theresa Rickard, Schenectady


Oh my goodness. I cannot remember when I have so enjoyed a Sunday Gazette, from several of the comics making me laugh to the article after effective, enlighting and heartbreaking viewpoints in the Opinion section. 

Although I can’t understand, or ever will, why the British government took the parental rights away from baby Alfie’s mum and dad, the one column I will choose to comment on is the George Will piece on the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. I, personally, had no idea of the existence of the museum and definitely will, as they say, add it to my bucket list. 

I have read the ongoing articles and letters about the Holocaust memorial in Niskayuna. And although I’m unhappy with some the comments and letters, I have kept my opinion to myself. I now feel the need to forward a suggestion; a tour bus should be hired and everyone who feels they have the right to help in the decision-making get on the bus and go to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in D.C. Have the experience, understand the history and change your life forever. 

Furthermore, every school in the state of New York should plan a trip to the museum. If they can’t afford to make the trip, a video tour should be shown in those school districts. If there’s no such video tour in existence, it should be invented and made available. That’s how I feel today after reading The Gazette.

Theresa Rickard


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