Dems brought us bad casino decision

Graham Higgins, Schenectady


I recently read in The Gazette that City Council President Ed Kosiur wanted to charge sports groups over $200 for each police car that has to be called to a playing field due to a disturbance. Well, I’d love to see the bill he’s readying for the Rivers casino.

The recent melee saw at least 10 police vehicles respond to yet another riot situation in the casino, one in which a police officer was assaulted. How much can the city charge for that, Ed? The assailant had the officer in a headlock. Maybe $50 more? Glenville, Scotia and Rotterdam police and the county Sheriff’s Office also had to respond. What about their cut? The total bill for Rivers casino should be at least $10,000. This could more than the $6,000 it was fined by the state for underage gambling.

Back in 2015, Roger Hull was 100 percent correct when he came out against the casino, citing police overtime, quality of life, social ills, redistribution of income and bloated estimates of tax cuts and casino revenue-sharing with the city. Our mayor, when not out keeping our garbage safe from women, touted all the benefits gambling would bestow on the Electric City. What I believe we now have is a casino teetering on lawlessness.

Thanks to one-party autonomous rule, Ed Kosiur and the Schenectady Dems have hip-checked Leesa Perazzo to the sidelines as they prepare to replace McCarthy in 2019 and tell you who your next mayor will be. But you can act like a bully and harass as many women as you like when there’s no chance of being held accountable at the ballot box. Wake up, Schenectady. Democracy can thrive here if you let it.



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