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High fuel prices are not a big surprise

Paul St. Onge, Charlton

We’ve been warned about the rising price of gas on the way.

Months ago, I felt we were on the verge of being independent from foreign countries due to reports of our ability to produce vast quantities of our own oil.

But still, any hiccup in the Middle East causes havoc within our own country’s prices. Trump pulls out of the Iran agreement, price hikes are on the way. I can’t wait to see my fuel oil budget for the next season due to rising prices our crude oil.

Supply and demand. Well, it does get cold in the Northeast. No surprise. But the price of fuel oil needs to go up. Nothing new. People drive more in the summer. Nothing new. Surprise, the price needs to spike. These things have been going on forever. But surprise, they never see it coming I guess. Be prepared ahead of time so there are no surprises.

Oil companies use any excuse so they can to reap more of our money. We have oil, but where does it go?



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