Keep helpful groups in Schenectady

Jessie Malecki, Schenectady


Edison Tech Center (ETC) has a lot to do with engineering and students who visit get interested in it as a possible career. This center has many appliances, old and new, from past and present history of our city. Electric City Bike Rescue (ECBR) has volunteers fix bicycles that may have been donated or to purchase used and inexpensive bikes.

Now both groups have to relocate because the city in 2012 filed a lawsuit against the organization ETC that it hadn’t filled its promise of bringing the properties up to code and had not filed for a tax exemption for 20 years. No matter who is correct in these assumptions, it would be regrettable if ETC doesn’t find a suitable location to continue its programs. Of course, ECBR also would be able to continue having a place with ETC.

Now just a few years ago, we had an Alco Museum on Maxon Road, which was short lived because the city didn’t support it. The Alco Museum should have been able to stay in Schenectady, where Alco had existed for many many years. But instead, it’s located in Amsterdam. Let’s hope that these two groups find a better place to continue their work. But please stay in Schenectady.

If a developer was in this same situation, would the city give them the “key to the city,” as has been done in the past, or would they have to relocate? Money was lost to the city in catering to some developers, but the city can’t help groups that not only have the city’s history in mind, but are also helping people? Greed is very evil. What do you think about this situation?

Jessie Malecki


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