Big-box retailers are bad for local business

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There are many reasons why big businesses like big-box stores are bad for business.

Walmart is an example of a big-box business. Their presence in almost every community, low wages, long lines, millions of manufacturing jobs that are given to people overseas rather than American workers, the poor factory workers, and bad effects on small local businesses are just some reasons why Walmart stores are bad for business.

You might think Walmart is a great place to shop but, after you read this, you’ll know why not to shop at Walmart.

Big-box stores like Walmart tend to purchase their goods from manufacturers in foreign countries, which takes many potential jobs away from American workers. As well, many foreign manufacturing workers have poor quality circumstances due to extra long hours and wages that amount to very little. Many of the countries that manufacture goods for Walmart and other big-box stores don’t have child-labor laws.

In some foreign countries, child workers are forced to work from dusk to dawn, under harsh, neglectful conditions. Instead of paying Americans a decent wage, some big-box retailers purchase goods from foreign companies that pay workers far less. Paying low is cruel.

Additionally, Walmart is bad for small communities. The business is competition for small local businesses. If Walmart comes to a small local community, it can take jobs and business from small businesses. What if you spend your life on building up a business, then Walmart takes it away? You don’t want that, do you?

After all I have informed you about, I know you have to agree with me that Walmart is a lousy place to shop.  Walmart is a place of unsafe water, low pay and business stealing.
In conclusion, Walmart is a store you don’t want to shop at.


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