Crocheting is relaxing, cool and fun

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Crocheting is making crafts out of yarn. You use a crochet hook, a skein of yarn, a pair of scissors and a book with all the basic stitches. You can make a variety of items: scarves, hats, dolls, pillows, and lots more! It is fun because you can make things and be proud of them!

I taught myself to crochet. I got a book from the library and bought a kit that had a crochet hook, yarn, and instructions. I made bracelets, necklaces, and a warm scarf, and I have loved to crochet ever since!

A bundle of yarn is called a skein. You can buy a skein of yarn in one color, or you can buy a skein of multi-color yarn! Cool, right?

My grandma likes to crochet. She made a shawl when she was in high school. She likes to crochet because it is relaxing and enjoyable. She learned how to crochet from her friend Phyllis, and her friend Frances helped her to make roses for one afghan. The first afghan my grandma made was from a kit. It was green and blue.

She also told me that she made 13 afghans over eight years and gave them to members of her family. She said it helped to pass the time when my grandpa had doctor appointments and was in the hospital. She made a pink one for me and blue one for my brother.

My grandma remembered that when she was a little girl, her grandma ( my great-great-grandma) would go out on the porch after she was done with her work and crochet doilies with lace weight yarn and a small metal hook. She had a dresser drawer full of them. She also crocheted lace onto pillow cases and handkerchiefs.

Crocheting a very affordable! A skein of yarn costs about $3 and one crochet hook costs about $3 as well! Just be sure to get a hook that matches the number on the yar. A book that would be useful is “Crochet: The Complete Step-By-Step Guide,” 2014, by DK Publishing, Inc. You can get this and many other cool crochet books from the Schenectady County Public Library.

So if you want to begin crocheting, it is really fun. Also, here is a tip: count your stitches and write them down on a piece of paper to keep track of them. I didn’t do this once while i was crocheting a scarf. I started with a fat scarf and ended up with a thin scarf!


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