Old Schenectady school had floor for students with TB in ’40s

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Pleasant Valley School was built 100 years ago. Did you know that there is a fourth floor in Pleasant Valley Elementary school? You can get there by using the stairwell across from Mr. Jenkins’ room.

This used to be a place for children with tuberculosis back in the 1940s.

Children that were healthy stayed on the main floors and the children that had tuberculosis stayed on the fourth floor. It had everything they needed and they could go outside to the roof to get fresh air. There were cots set up outside so the children could rest but still get to enjoy the fresh air.

The fourth floor also had a kitchen, space for classes and a play room. There was even a piano for music class, and it is actually still there.

Right now it is used for storage. There are plans for the fourth floor to be used as a teacher’s lounge starting in 2020.

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