Politicians are playing their own version of ‘Calvinball’


Bill Watterson’s popular comic strip series “Calvin and Hobbes’ has a game called “Calvinball.” The premise of the game is you never play it the same way twice, and even the point system changes. This is to show how children play games. If you’ve ever played a game with a kid you know they will change the rules halfway through any game.

This is fine for “Candyland,” but what happens when adults use a similar practice for a more dangerous game like politics?

Politics? A game? Of course. You have “players” (candidates and politicians) who “fight” in “matches” (debates and elections) to help them “score points” with voters. And, in the end, whoever has the most “points” wins the office.

Today’s politicians seem to be playing their own version of “Calvinball,” making up the rules as they go.

If a normal person were accused of sexual harassment or misconduct, they would face criminal charges or a court case. But Roy Moore, who was accused of sex with a minor, was allowed to run for national office as an Alabama senator candidate.

And what about our president? Should we allow someone who clearly has no idea what he’s doing when it comes to politics continue to serve as the most powerful leader in the free world?

He’s still in office, and keeps changing the rules left, right and center. Between asking Congress to stop investigating him and his crazy international policies, he’s foregone all precedents set by former U.S. Leaders. Early in his presidency, Trump banned the citizens of several predominately Muslim countries from entering the United States. Not even necessarily the countries with terrorist affiliations, either.

If the president – and other politicians – think it’s okay to keep changing the rules to suit them, what do you think they’ll do next?

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