School sports provide all-around benefit to students


Is it a big deal if teens don’t do sports? Yes!

A good portion of students participate in club, school or recreational sports. Those who don’t should think about starting. Sports help make a teen a more well-rounded person, but also keep you in shape.

These days sports teams are very competitive and are one of the main reasons students push to be great and work hard.
Sports have always been a part of children’s everyday lives.

“It keeps you in shape, but it also teaches teamwork, cooperativeness and time management,” said Margaret Taranto, a mother and a teacher at the Academy of the holy Names. “It also teaches discipline and keeps you busy, forcing you to stay organized.”

It helps to make you an all-around, well-shaped person, she added. The purpose of sports is to have fun and to play a game you love while being with your friends, and along with it comes many useful benefits for teens.

Today, sports teams can range form having practice once a week to every day of the week. “Sports keep you motivated and give you the 60 minutes of physical activity you need,” said Jeffrey Stopera, health teacher and gym coach at the Academy of the Holy names. Stopera is also JV coach of soccer, basketball and lacrosse.

Sports push you to be the best person you can be. “You have to have good grades to participate,” Stopera said.

It also teaches you how to work with others and be social. Playing a sport can help you get along with people that adolescents might not be able to get along with off the field, or it many help children get new friends they never realized they had anything in common with, Stopera said.

Christian Brothers Academy student Alex Nammorato has participated in many sports all his life. They push him to work harder in school because he always wants to participate in the next game or practice.

“There have been times where I have not been able to hang out with my friends, but it was worth it because in the end sports are what push me,” Nammorato said.

Sports push teens to socialize more with people who many not live right near them or have a lot in common with.”Soccer is the reason I am best friends with my best friend,” Nammorato said.

Joining a sort or doing an activity for fun is a great way to get teens away from their phone and do physical activity. Sports can give you scholarships to colleges, too. Being a part of a team is a great feeling and teens get many useful, important aspects out of it.

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