Albany Police: Man kills woman, then dies in crash fleeing scene

The incident happened Sunday afternoon in Albany
Albany police hold a press conference to release information about the deaths
Albany police hold a press conference to release information about the deaths

An Albany man shot his ex-girlfriend in the head as she drove in Albany Sunday before he ran into traffic nearby and was struck by a car, police said Thursday.

Albany police identified the woman as Nahjayyah Daise, 21, and the man they say killed her as Larnell Kennedy, 22.

The incident began at about 3 p.m. Sunday on Erie Boulevard in Albany. Kennedy shot Daise as they drove. He then ran from the scene on foot, attempted to cross nearby Interstate 90 and was killed when a car hit him, police said during a press conference that was streamed on Facebook Live by Daily Gazette news gathering partner CBS 6. 

Kennedy shot Daise in the head three times from inside the vehicle as it approached the intersection of Erie Street and Erie Boulevard, police said. The car stopped when it struck a utility pole.

Kennedy tried to move Daise’s body into the trunk of the car but was unable to do so, according to witness accounts. He then got into the driver’s seat, put the vehicle in reverse and ran over Daise’s body before another motorist used their car to block Kennedy’s car from leaving, police said. 

Kennedy then fled on foot toward Interstate 90. As he tried to cross the highway, he was hit by an eastbound vehicle. A car behind the vehicle that struck Kennedy had a dashboard camera that captured the end of the incident on video.

Police said they believe that the couple had been together “on-and-off” for four to five years, and that they had separated just before the weekend’s incidents. 

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