Giuliani: Stop lying about investigation

Jane Reisenger, Schenectady


Rudy Giuliani’s June 6 statement that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is trying to “frame” Donald Trump is truly a nasty, small-minded thing to say. Mueller has had a long and honorable association with the U.S. Department of Justice. Donald Trump has had a long and questionable association with real estate. Trump University was one of his less than honorable achievements. And then there are the many times he filed for bankruptcy.

As for Giuliani, he’s past his prime and just as much of a pathological liar as Trump. He appears to be enjoying making the rounds of cable TV blathering about inconsequential things and then contradicting himself a few hours later.

One thing is evident: Trump’s legal team is very fearful of “The Donald” being interviewed by Mueller because he isn’t capable of telling the truth. A sad and pathetic situation to be sure.

Jane Reisenger


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