Grateful for return of wallet lost in Scotia

Lorri Krause (LaCoss), La Quinta, California


To the honest person who found my wallet in Scotia and then turned it into Scotia police — I can’t thank you enough.

I’m visiting family in Scotia and live in California. My wallet contained the obvious — credit cards, cash, Kohl’s cash, several gift cards and an uncashed check from my employer for $1,200. The Scotia Police Department spent two days trying to find a phone number/way to track me down. They finally tracked down my husband’s phone number and I was able to retrieve my wallet — with every penny accounted for.

As we hear and read such horror stories in the news, it warms my heart knowing that my hometown, Scotia, is full of honest and good people. Losing my wallet, especially my driver’s license, would’ve caused me a major headache. 

Thank you to my anonymous angel and the Scotia Police Department. 

Lorri Krause (LaCoss)

La Quinta, California

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