Schenectady’s Vale Urban Farm seeks return of missing rare rabbits

With a litter due in three weeks, the rabbits could be worth up to $500.
One of the rabbits in its hutch.
One of the rabbits in its hutch.

SCHENECTADY — Two rabbits are believed to have been stolen from their hutches Monday night near the Vale Cemetery in Schenectady, according to Melissa MacKinnon, garden educator at the Vale Urban Farm. 

The American Blue rabbits are a rare breed, and one of them was due to have a litter in three weeks. MacKinnon estimated the rabbits could be worth up to $500. 

“To me, the value of the rabbits was that they were therapy for the community,” MacKinnon said. 

She said she is certain the rabbits were stolen because their bolt-locked hutches were closed when it was discovered that they were missing. 

“These are heavy-duty hutches,” MacKinnon said.

One rabbit managed to evade the alleged captors. MacKinnon said it was the most difficult rabbit to pick up, and it was found under a chicken coop the next day. 

Vale Cemetery is offering a $500 reward for information leading to the return of the rabbits or information about the alleged thieves.

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