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Support Beals for Congress in Democratic primary

Christine Dinsmore, Saugerties


As a resident of a neighboring county, I want to explain why I support Jeff Beals for Congress. People often say that Ulster County is far more liberal than the other counties in the 19th Congressional District. Probably true. But we all want the same things — good-paying jobs, solid education for our children, clean air and water, affordable health care and a secure future. 

That’s where Jeff comes in. He will fight for us — not corporations and lobbyists. Jeff, a teacher and former U.S. diplomat, understands firsthand that Washington has stopped working for people like you and me. Jeff is unwilling to compromise when it comes to our best interests. He stands for Medicare of All, lowering prescription drug costs, increasing Social Security, building our infrastructure and broadband while protecting our beautiful environment. He believes in funding public schools fairly, but not off the backs of hardworking people. He is not looking for big government, but good government. Jeff has a clear plan to lower taxes on the middle class while ensuring that billionaires pay their fair share. 

Jeff Beals gives us a clear choice come November — a candidate who works for us or a candidate who carries water for lobbyists. Jeff has my vote in the June 26 primary. I hope he has yours, too.

Christine Dinsmore


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