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Clifton Park residents skeptical about condo project

Size, extra traffic a concern
Clifton Park residents gathered at Town Hall Monday night for a public hearing regarding a large condo project.
Clifton Park residents gathered at Town Hall Monday night for a public hearing regarding a large condo project.

Clifton Park — Town residents expressed skepticism Monday night at a public hearing regarding a development on Route 146 that would include more than 100 condominiums.

The project, proposed by Halfmoon developer Scott Earl, is near the intersection of routes 146 and 146A.

At a Town Board meeting in December, board members unanimously voted to refer the proposal to the Planning Board for its input and further recommendations on the project. 
The proposal consists of 47 structures comprising 132 total housing units. The condominiums will range in size from 1,200 to 1,600 square feet, according to plans filed with the town.
An estimated 283 parking spaces would be created for the project.
The plans also call for a 3,000-square-foot clubhouse on the site, though it was unclear what amenities that building would include. The project narrative suggests the clubhouse could be used as a communal gathering space for residents.

The town Planning Board sent a positive recommendation on the project to the Town Board in January.

The proposal, said project engineer Scott Lansing, is designed to give residents of the development a neighborhood feel by utilizing sidewalks internally, as well as garages and open spaces.

Project engineers also said that, according to a traffic study conducted on the site, approximately 139 extra car trips would be generated by the development, with 64 trips occurring during peak morning hours and 75 trips occurring during peak evening hours.

While Planning Board members as a whole approved of the project, particularly the variety of proposed condo offerings, they expressed concerns about the density of the project.

Property neighbors were not convinced that the project was a good idea for the town, especially in an area near the Route 146 intersection.

Lois Lambrino, who lives on Buckingham Court, said the Town Board should first assess whether there is a need for such a housing project.

Lambrino said residents of other complexes in town have told her they are not filled to capacity. What would be the rationale, she asked, for more housing units that might not be filled.

“Has there been a strategic assessment?” she asked. “I would encourage the board to act in a prudent way, as it has in the past, and conduct one.”

Anthony LaFleche, a resident of Wheeler Drive, pointed to various issues he saw with the project as it stands, including the possible elimination of trees. 

He also expressed concerns about parking on the site. Though each unit will feature its own garage and driveway, there would be no space for visitors to park except for the roads inside the development.

“I just hope that you consider all of those things,” he said. 

If the Town Board approves the project as a planned development district, the proposal will go back to the Planning Board for a more detailed review. 

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