Note to our readers on political cartoon


Note to Readers:

Our role as a newspaper is to present a variety of viewpoints on issues of public concern and interest, even commentary with which some might disagree or find offensive.

The political cartoon that appeared June 20 showing a member of the MS-13 gang holding a baby represented a point of view of the immigration crisis shared by many, and therefore we felt it was fair commentary.

When we only choose to publish one point of view or limit our publication of commentary to that with which we agree, then the citizens are less informed about the opinions of others and therefore deprived of the opportunity to formulate and express their own points of view.

The very fact that so many readers responded to this cartoon is proof of the value of running such opinions in the newspaper.

As always, we welcome and encourage our readers’ response to political cartoons, editorials, columns and letters to the editor as a way of sharing information and maintaining an open and diverse public conversation.

~ Mark Mahoney

Editorial Page Editor

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