Local chef takes part in healthy eating campaign

Ric Orlando helps Hannaford Supermarkets kick off its "Grill Like a Chef" series on Sunday
Chef Ric Orlando of New World Bistro Bar in Albany was on hand at the Hannaford Supermarket in Clifton Park  Sunday afternoon.
Chef Ric Orlando of New World Bistro Bar in Albany was on hand at the Hannaford Supermarket in Clifton Park Sunday afternoon.

Editor’s note: This story was corrected at 4:30 p.m. on July 2, 2018. An earlier version included incorrect information about where CAPTAIN Community Human Services’ offices are located.

Hannaford is working with local chefs on a program that not only promotes affordable homemade meals made with local ingredients, but supports local nutrition programs for children as well.

On Sunday, June 24, Hannaford kicked off its Grill Like A Chef program at its Clifton Park store, located at 19 Clifton Country Road. This new initiative is a part of the company’s larger Hannaford Chef’s Table program, a year-long celebration of simple, everyday food inspired by local chefs to help people create fresh and affordable meals.

Ric Orlando, executive chef at Albany’s popular New World Bistro Bar, was on hand at the store cooking his Chimichurri True North Salmon on the grill. Orlando has also appeared on various cooking shows, including Food Network’s cooking competition “Chopped.”

Orlando, who is a proponent of using fresh and healthy ingredients and wrote a book called “We Want Clean Food,” said on Sunday that cooking fresh and healthy doesn’t have to be difficult, nor extremely expensive.

“It’s easy if you learn how to use the things that are good for you, that are delicious,” he said. 

The healthy meals that the featured chefs are making are versatile as well. Chimichurri, an Argentinian marinade usually made to go with grilled meat, such as Orlando cooked on Sunday, doesn’t have to go on salmon, he said, noting that it’s also good on any light protein, shrimp, tofu, or vegetable, such as eggplant.

Adding to the affordability aspect to the dish, the chimichurri doesn’t have to be used right away.

“You can make it and keep it in your fridge for awhile,” he added.

Those who are looking to start cooking with fresh ingredients don’t need to look much further than the vegetable and fruit aisle of their local grocery store, Orlando said. Both grilling techniques for the salmon and copies of the recipe, were also on hand at the supermarket.

Along with helping people save money on their food purchases, the Hannaford program also gives back to the community. Shoppers who purchase ingredients from the recipe the chef of the day is cooking will contribute to a donation the company will make to various children’s nutrition efforts. The Chef’s Table Program, including its Grill Like A Chef component, is part of a $500,000 pledge that Hannaford has made to the programs, and Chef’s Table will contribute $250,000 of the total amount.

“We’re really encouraging people to learn to make simple dishes,” said Francesa Mancino, community relations coordinator at Hannaford. “We’re really trying to support healthy eating.”

Hannaford also plans to donate $1,000 to CAPTAIN Community Human Services, a child and family assistance program with offices in Clifton Park and Glenville. 

Also included in the line up for the Chef’s Table program is Kerry Altiero, owner of Cafe Miranda in Maine; Kathy Gunst, a food journalist and cookbook author from New Hampshire, and David Turin, a Maine restaurant owner. These chefs will be featured during events held in Hannaford’s New England stores. 

Orlando’s recipe, along with those prepared by other Grill Like A Chef participants, will be featured in 181 Hannaford stores through Aug. 4. The ingredients used in the dish will be clearly marked and visible throughout the store.



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