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Cartoon promoted false, racist viewpoint

Robyn Ringler, Latham


In regard to the June 20 political cartoon depicting an immigrant with a baby as a gang member, your editor’s assertion that this was fair political commentary is wrong. 

The racist character of the cartoon, stereotyping immigrants as criminals, is unacceptable always –because it’s racist.

But it’s particularly unacceptable at this moment when we have stolen away more than 2,500 children from parents who have committed no crime whatsoever and were lawfully seeking asylum in America (asking for help due to severe violence in their own countries). 

This cartoon is no different than a cartoon depicting a person of color as a gorilla. It’s no different than one depicting a female senator as a sexy airhead. It’s too demeaning, stereotyping, labeling, malevolent and libelous to have value as political content.

Robyn Ringler


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