Return Lady Liberty statue on July 4th

James A. Wilson, Schenectady 


The most important day of the American way of life is coming in just a couple of weeks. The Fourth of July is one of the largest days for an American celebration of our freedoms. Many Americans turn to the joy part of the day. Picnics, barbecue and parades are very visible during the day, or just before the 4th. This year, the 4th is on a Wednesday.

There will not be a better time than to have the famous “Lady Liberty,” or the Statue of Liberty replica, put back in her rightful home in Liberty (Gateway) Park in Schenectady. It’s still the center part of the city for beauty and visibility to all residents and the statue was there for over 50 years. 

Put the statue back on the 4th of July.

I have noticed an increase in the amount of American flags being displayed since Memorial Day in the city. Thank you, citizens, for showing how much this symbol means to us. You can buy a flag set for our home for as little as $7 to $10. That’s pretty cheap for remembering all the Schenectady residents who gave their lives in all the wars of this country. 

Show your loyalty to America and for those who are currently serving our great country.

James A. Wilson


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