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Fingerpaint helps combat food insecurity this summer

Employees stuffed bags of food on Friday to donate to the Food Pantries for the Capital District
Fingerpaint employees participate in Operation Lunch Lady on Friday to help families facing summer food insecurity.
Fingerpaint employees participate in Operation Lunch Lady on Friday to help families facing summer food insecurity.

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SARATOGA SPRINGS — Fingerpaint Marketing shut down operations at its Broadway office Friday to give their nearly 80 employees a chance to give back to the community. 

It was the marketing agency’s second annual “Philanthropy Day,” and employees were busy packing food to give to the Food Pantries for the Capital District. 

Executive Director Natasha Pernicka said the organization plans to distribute the food to its 13 partner food pantries in Saratoga County. 

“In Saratoga County, 8 percent of the general population — nearly 20,000 people, including more than 7,000 children — suffer from food insecurity,” she said. “There are tons of food drives in November and December, which is great, but during the summer, many food pantries see an increase in families seeking assistance.”

Pernicka said the rise is mainly due to the fact that children receive free or reduced lunches during the school year. 

“This food is coming at a perfect time,” she said. “This is a great way to make a difference.”

The Saratoga Springs-based Fingerpaint location wasn’t the only one participating in the food drive.

As employees at the Broadway Fingerpaint office stuffed bags of food, employees from the company’s Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, location were on a television screen doing the same thing. Employees at the Scottsdale, Arizona were also participating. 

Bo Goliber, a Fingerpaint employee and head of philanthropy efforts for the company, said the food drive also compensates for a seasonal lull in supplies at area food pantries. 

“Donations to food pantries dwindle during the summer, so we wanted to fill that gap,” she said. “We wanted to find a local organization that could help as many food pantries as possible instead of just one.”

Goliber said she hopes staff members realize the impact Friday’s efforts have on the community. 

“This gives so many food pantries something to rely on,” she said. “I also hope people get that food insecurity is a real thing, and we’re making a big dent in it.”

Employee Will Crain said he was happy to participate. 

“I have two children, so to know that we’re helping children is great,” he said. “Fingerpaint goes above and beyond to help the community.

“I hope it has a lasting effect and other people are motivated to help out moving forward.”

Pernicka said the Food Pantries for the Capital District is in need of personal hygiene products, such as deodorant and shampoo, as well as laundry detergent, diapers, feminine hygiene products, non-perishable food and produce. 

“We’re thrilled that Fingerpaint wanted to help, and their efforts today will result in 35,000 meals we’re able to provide,” she said. “It gives us the opportunity to help more families in the Capital Region this summer.”

For more information on the Food Pantries for the Capital District, call 518-458-1167, or visit

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