Grateful for care after husband’s stroke

Madelyn Thorne, Schenectady


Recently, my husband suffered a stroke at our home. Our call to 911 was answered promptly. The United Call Center responder asked pertinent questions while deploying the ambulance and firefighters. They were at our door in less than 10 minutes, quickly evaluated the situation and transported my husband to Ellis Hospital. 

Ellis Hospital’s Stroke Team met the ambulance, and the treatment started immediately. The readiness and response of this team, I’m sure, curtailed some of the potential effects of the stroke. Every single person on the team showed expertise and compassion. They explained what they were doing and why, keeping my husband and me informed. 

Anyone who has stood by while a loved one is being treated for a life-threatening condition knows helplessness and fear. I will always appreciate the kindness shown by one of the nurses when she turned to me and asked how I was doing. Again, the professionalism and empathy of this team gave us the support we needed. 

After a few days in ICU, where the excellent care continued, my husband was transferred to Sunnyview. Once again, the care provided was exceptional. The staff of Sunnyview showed us why this facility is so well regarded across the Northeast. 

I wish to extend my deepest gratitude to the staff of the United Call Center, Ellis Hospital and Sunnyview for dedicating your time and talents to providing unparalleled care. Thank  you.

Madelyn Thorne


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