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SingleCut Beersmiths begins Clifton Park brewing operation

Beer soon to be released
Eric Werner, a brewer with Singlecut Beersmiths, points at fermentation vessels.
Eric Werner, a brewer with Singlecut Beersmiths, points at fermentation vessels.

CLIFTON PARK — SingleCut Beersmiths, the New York City-based brewery that purchased the Shmaltz brewery facility off Van Patten Drive, will release its first beer brewed at the new location next week.

SingleCut General Manager Dan Bronson said the company started brewing in the new location in late May and hopes to be in full production by September, with kegs and cans from the new facility being distributed throughout the East Coast.

SingleCut is a rapidly growing craft brewery that was founded in 2012 in northern Queens. With the purchase of the Clifton Park facility, it will be able to increase its output in a way that was not possible at its smaller, Queens location.

“We’re really excited to have that extra beer for all of our guests,” Bronson said.

Shmaltz will retain its corporate identity and its labels, but it will return to its roots as a producer of beer brewed under contract by other companies. Shmaltz has had its own brewery for only the past five of its 22 years.

Bronson said SingleCut’s clientele has been “dramatically under-served,” for at least the past three years. SingleCut’s beer, he added, was always meant to be accessible.

“It’s really exciting,” he said. “Our beer will be a lot more plentiful and easy to find.”

Transitioning the Clifton Park facility from Shmaltz brewing practices to SingleCut’s, Bronson said, was easy, with the help of experienced brewers from both companies.

“It was a pretty seamless transition,” he said. 

After SingleCut North’s first beer comes out, the company will shift its focus to redoing the taproom. The current taproom will be undergoing a major renovation, Bronson said. While he said it was too early to describe exactly what the new taproom will look like when finished, he said the company is hoping to add new seating both inside the taproom and outside the facility.

It will also have a new, large sound system inside the taproom, and a large vinyl music collection, according to Bronson. The new SingleCut taproom is expected to open by April or May of 2019.

Just as exciting as the new product, Bronson said, is the opportunity to meet beer-loving locals. SingleCut employees attended Shmaltz’s Fifth Anniversary Beer Fest on June 23, and meeting area beer lovers reinforced the notion that expanding out of New York City was the right move for the company, Bronson said.

“It was great to just get to shake hands with all our new neighbors in the Capital District,” he said.

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