High Notes: Helping teen parents, Safyre, Philanthropy Day

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Donations to Saf’yre Terry unloaded at Schenectady Center for rehabilitation and nursing, in Schenectady on Thursday.
Donations to Saf’yre Terry unloaded at Schenectady Center for rehabilitation and nursing, in Schenectady on Thursday.

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In Niskayuna, resident Ginna Egan is starting a nonprofit support group for teen parents and their children as part of her effort to ensure that parents and their kids in that situation get the assistance they need. Egan, a registered nurse who herself was a teen mom, feels that not enough attention or resources are provided to help those families cope. Through her nonprofit, Young Parents United, she will act as an advocate, adviser and resource to help teen moms get the services they need from the government and private services such as Hometown Health Centers and the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) food and nutrition services in their own success and that of their children.

In Schenectady, fire victim Safyre Terry was joined by local paramedics, state troopers and volunteers from the community to help collect and clean stuffed animals that will be delivered to charitable organizations. Safyre, who will be entering middle school in the fall, was 5 years old when she was severely burned in the May 2013 arson fire that claimed her father and three siblings. Since then, she has continued to be an inspiration, not only for her recovery and her positive attitude, but for her charitable works that have included a Christmas card campaign. The campaign resulted in her receiving numerous gifts, which she has then turned around to raise money for fire victims and other charities. 

In Saratoga Springs, a local marking agency, Fingerpaint Marketing, shut down its operations for a day so its employees could give back to the community as part of its second-annual “Philanthropy Day.” Nearly 80 employees of the Broadway company spent the day packing food donations that will be donated to the Food Pantries for the Capital District. The organization will then distribute the packed food to 13 food pantries in Saratoga County. Officials said the donations will help provided food for 35,000 meals. Donations to local food pantries tend to fall off in the summer. In addition to nonperishable food and produce, there is a need for personal hygiene products such as deodorant, laundry detergent, diapers and feminine hygiene products. For information on Food Pantries for the Capital District and to donate, call 518-458-1167 or visit www.thefoodpantries.org.

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