Schenectady roads in terrible condition

Bonnie Warren, Palmetto, Florida

Dear Mayor Gary McCarthy: I recently visited Schenectady to attend the graduation of my granddaughter and visit family and friends. 
Up until eight years ago, I had worked in the city of Schenectady traveling many of the roadways. I have never in all my years seen the roads in such deplorable condition. Even after the many bad snowstorms we had in the winters did it take your road crews this long fix all the pot holes. I felt as if I was on roller-coaster.
I think it’s about time you pay more attention to the many miles of roads that need attention than that new casino that was built. I know I will think twice about traveling your roads again. 
Shame on you, Mr. McCarthy, for letting your roadways get in the condition they are in. 
Bonnie Warren
Palmetto, Florida

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