Union Ave. shooting suspect still in hospital

The suspect from the shooting on Tuesday has yet to be charged

SCHENECTADY — Police said they have not yet been able to speak with the man they have apprehended in connection with Tuesday’s shooting on Union Street.

Sgt. Matt Dearing, spokesman for the Schenectady Police Department, said Deshawn Howard, who is suspected of shooting his girlfriend and her two children, is still in a local hospital. His condition was still listed as guarded on Friday.

“His medical needs to be a priority right now,” Dearing said, adding that Howard was still in their custody.

There still were no charges filed against Howard, as Dearing said the investigation was ongoing.

Howard was found with an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound after he fled the Union Street home where the shootings happened, police said. He was later found at a Hamilton Hill residence on Summit Avenue following a lengthy search.

The incident caused nearby streets to be closed off, and a New York State Police helicopter was brought in to help in the search for Howard.

Dearing said police were still investigating what led Howard to go to the home on Summit Avenue. They are also trying to determine whether he lived at the Union Street home.

Police responded to a call at around 1 p.m. on  July 10 for reports of a possible domestic incident in which a woman had been shot.

A 16-year-old girl and a 7-year-old boy were found at the intersection of Brandywine and Union Street with gunshot wounds. Police said they then saw a 35-year-old woman exit the home with wounds as well.

They were all treated by Schenectady Fire Department paramedics and taken to local hospitals. Dearing said their conditions were still listed as guarded.

A 1-year-old male infant was also found inside the home, but police said he was unharmed. Dearing previously said Schenectady County Child Protective Services was assisting the 1-year-old, but he was not sure where the child was being cared for.

Police said they wrapped up their search of the Union Street home on Thursday.

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