Come to America, but do it legally

Joe Statile, Conway, South Carolina


I enjoy reading the many different opinions in your paper. I just can’t figure out why so many people find President Trump so wrong for trying to uphold the laws of this country. It wasn’t Donald Trump who asked people to put their children’s lives in jeopardy by coming to America illegally.

I do think it’s a shame that children are separated from their parents, and that goes for the children who are separated from their parents because they are fighting for our rights and freedom in foreign lands. But I don’t see anyone being concerned about American citizens, just immigrants who come here illegally.  

The Democrats are only looking for votes from certain ethnic groups. If not, why don’t they provide some shelter for these immigrants, like maybe a tent on the property of the Clintons or some other rich, bleeding-heart politician. They have nothing to worry about. After all, they’re protected by the Secret Service. 

Why do some people think that the laws only apply to certain groups? If a Cuban makes it to the shores of  America, he’s allowed to stay.

If a group of Haitians are caught, they are sent back. How about Italians, Polish, Irish, etc.? Are they free to come here and milk the system? 

I’m not against Mexicans, I’ve seen how hard they work from sun up to past sunset. I supplied them with electricity and spotlights while building my neighbors’ homes.

I’m not against anyone wanting to make a better life for themselves. But do it legally. 

Joe Statile

Conway, South Carolina

The writer is a former area resident.

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