Letter: Don’t fall for liberal way of doing things

Al Marvell, Scotia

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I’m replying to two items in your paper: First, your July 27 editorial praising Gov. Cuomo’s releasing seven illegal criminals. 

Anything for votes, pure and simple. Not. 

Maybe if these so-called “good people” would stay and fight for their country, they might drive the evil ones out. That’s how we became America. The days of free ride are over, and Democrats/socialists in this nation better wake up.

 Second, I take issue of with Gary Guido again [ Aug. 1 Gazette letter]. The president is protecting the nation, but Mr. Guido wouldn’t know that because he has only a liberal source for news. There are many ways to serve your nation without putting on a uniform and bragging about it. Do charitable work; donate time to good causes; volunteer at church groups, the VA, nursing homes and food banks; bring your kids up to respect law themselves and teach them to think for themselves. 

Don’t vote for someone because of their skin color or last name, like so many do in Schenectady County. Yes, take a long hard look who has served this nation in politics. What did they ever do except get a part-time job once in a while for someone, buying votes through power.

I’m proud of the way Trump stands up to enemies. Yes, that includes Russia, Iran, North Korea and China.  No one wants war, but I, for one, will not bend to socialists, communism or anyone who will try to take away my rights.

Al Marvell


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