Letter: Liberals lash out as America gets better

John Osterlitz, Glenville 

Categories: Letters to the Editor, Opinion


With regards to the July 30 editorial page that contained seven “I  hate Trump” letters, perhaps written by seminar writers, as they all contained the same rhetorical hate: Maybe this was a way for the editorial staff to give its editorial page a one-day detox.

All seven sounded like a Maxine Waters echo chamber. Patriots not. These lefty/socialists deserve no counterpoint response, as reality and reason seem not to be part of their agenda. Their  fixation on the president’s personal life renders them unable to look beyond the man.

They are able only to put their own petty, hateful biases first and our country last. The foot stamping, name calling and hissy fits deserve only a shame-on-you. 

Get a grip. The United States of America is doing just fine for a change, no thanks to you. 

John Osterlitz


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