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Letter: Trump, GOP back rich over rest of us

David Morgan, Burnt Hills

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Re July 31 article, “Treasury eyes $100B in tax cuts for the rich”: Thanks to Trump and the Republicans, the rich just received a gigantic windfall with the recent passage of their crummy tax reform bill. And now they want more? Really? 

Let’s get this straight. The proposed new tax cuts don’t fix our roads, schools, drinking water, etc. The benefits go straight to the rich. This would create even more debt for the rest of us. It’s simple: When the rich pay less taxes, someone else has to make that up. That would be you and me. It’s like Robin Hood in reverse — rob from the poor and give to the rich. I fail to understand why anyone but the rich would support Trump and his fellow Republicans. 

It’s safe to say that most Trump supporters aren’t rich. Why do they support someone who’s so obviously ripping them off? Simply put, Trump and the Republicans help the rich and give everyone else the short end of the stick. If they have their way, it’s going to be even shorter.

Is this really the way to “make America great again?” Think about it.

David Morgan

Burnt Hills

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