Archives 2016: Gloversville escapee Heaven Puleski caught in Schenectady

Our 2016 story on Heaven Puleski's escape from Gloversville police custody
Heaven M. Puleski in 2016
Heaven M. Puleski in 2016

Editor’s note: Heaven Puleski was arrested Wednesday on charges related to the discovery of her 4-month-old son Rayen Puleski’s body in Schenectady last week. Puleski was arrested nearly two years ago, accused of breaking free from Gloversville police who had arrested her on a warrant after a traffic stop. This is our full story on her 2016 arrest.

October 4, 2016 – Police said a woman who escaped custody in Gloversville early Monday morning was picked up by police in Schenectady on Tuesday afternoon.

Arrangements were being made shortly after Heaven Puleski’s capture for her to be transported back to Gloversville, according to Gloversville Police Dept. Chief Marc Porter.

Puleski, 36, was a passenger in a car that was pulled over Monday around 3 a.m. by Gloversville police officers. During the stop police discovered she had an active bench warrant in Saratoga County. Police said Puleski was taken into custody on the warrant, “but was subsequently able to escape from officers,” according to a press statement.

New Wednesday: Police: Heaven Puleski used heroin while responsible for son’s care; Disposed of his body, Aug. 15, 2018

Porter said the department is conducting an internal review of how Puleski escaped, but would not comment further.

“Now that she’s back in custody it’s possible we can learn more information from her [about the escape], but I’m not going to comment any further,” said Porter. “We want to look at the whole event and what went wrong and what contributed to that.”

“The main focus was to get this person back into custody,” he added.

Schenectady Police Dept. spokesman Lt. Mark McCracken confirmed to The Daily Gazette that Puleski was picked up in Schenectady around noon on Tuesday. McCracken indicated that Puleski was arrested without incident and isn’t facing any charges from the Schenectady Police Dept.

Porter said Puleski’s bench warrant in Saratoga County was for seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance. She’ll now face an additional charge of misdemeanor escape from the incident in Gloversville, said Porter.

Porter added Puleski might have been desperate but police do not believe she was armed while she was on the run.

“I guess anyone that’s desperate and is evading police would be potentially dangerous, but we had no reason to believe she was armed,” said Porter.

New Wednesday: Police: Heaven Puleski used heroin while responsible for son’s care; Disposed of his body, Aug. 15, 2018

In a dramatic but unrelated turn of events, a stabbing occurred in front of Gloversville police headquarters while reporters were waiting for Puleski to arrive at the station.

According to Time Warner Cable News, a car pulled up to the station shortly after noon on Tuesday. People exited the car and another car pulled up in front of police headquarters. Those passengers began arguing with the passengers in the first car. One man was stabbed and at least one other person was taken into custody, according to the news station, which captured footage of police responding to the fight.

Rayen Puleski case:

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