Letter: Sociopathic Trump must be stopped

Vince Dacquisto, Niskayuna

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When Donald Trump was elected, many of us dreaded what would happen to America. These fears have now become our national nightmare.

We have witnessed Act 1 of Trump’s horrifying reality show  — a shocking 4,229 lies to date, unimaginable suffering by families whose children were taken away and caged, Trump’s relentless attack upon our free press, “the enemy of the people,” his treasonous betrayal of America at the Helsinki Conference. 

And this is only a preview of the potential danger of the Trump travesty.

Trump revealed his deeply flawed character and personality disorders during the campaign, e.g. a pathological liar, misogynist, narcissist, egoist, con man, racist.

But his most dangerous flaw wasn’t nearly as visible and was far more insidious.

Donald Trump is utterly shameless. 

This is the unifying thread in all of his outrageous behavior.

Shamelessness is the underlying “green light” for all of Trump’s anti-social behavior. Somehow he never internalized societal norms, he has no moral compass, no conscience, no ethical sense of right and wrong, no inner decency, all of which are the guideposts to deter bad behavior.

This sickness of the soul allows a sociopath to be cruel, hurt and abuse others, lie, steal and cheat with no compunction whatsoever, precisely what Trump does every single day.

He never feels shame and he never apologizes.

So, are 350 million Americans going to sit idly by while this one deviate sociopath destroys our democracy or not?

November elections are absolutely critical. They will determine the fate of our democracy.

Vince Dacquisto


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