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Letter: NRA program can help secure schools

Gray Pitkin, Gloversville


Re Aug. 24 editorial “No money for arming teachers”: Violence and the potential for armed violence in schools of New York state needs to be controlled, and armed protection in uniform is probably the best choice for this to succeed. 

The state obviously has no money to arm school teachers, particularly under Gov. Andrew Cuomo. 

That being said, please consider the following.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has a plan. Before you gun banners wet your pants, read on.

There are in excess of 130,000 public and private schools in this country, and some recent surveys have indicated about 65 percent have experienced one of more violent acts.

There are several recent reports where a uniformed office was successful in averting or minimizing a violent incident.

A few school districts have budgeted money for school resource officers, but are finding it difficult to employ, train and fill these positions.

Many schools haven’t proceeded along this route due to the need for funding and training.

In 2012, the NRA sponsored a program to aid in addressing this issue. NRA School Shield program, funded by the NRA Foundation, a non-profit, along with the fund raising arm Friends of the NRA, makes information, program design and funding available to schools at no charge.

No other political organization, government organization, media group or social club has done anything like this. Several school systems nationwide have received assistance from this valuable program.

Any school system that needs help designing its own program should contact the NRA School Shield program at The information and services are free thanks to Friends of the NRA and NRA Foundation.

Gray Pitkin


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