Letter: Restore Lady Liberty statue by Oct. 28

James A. Wilson, Schenectady
The Statue of Liberty is shown when it was located in Liberty Park.
The Statue of Liberty is shown when it was located in Liberty Park.


The subject of the return to Liberty Park (Gateway Park) is still up in the air as it relates to the Statue of Liberty. In my June 27 letter, I pleaded that the statue should be returned by July 4th, the most sacred date in our history. It never happened. The statue is still resting in a garage somewhere.

Now, I have a new date that it should be returned. Even though any day would be a good day for her return to her proper resting place in Schenectady’s Liberty Park, the date would be the same as the official date of the dedication in New York harbor. We, the many thousands of people in this area, would like to have Lady Liberty returned to her proper home in Schenectady as of Oct. 28.

On that date in 1886, President Grover Cleveland, who refused to give any funds to the project, gave a speech that in part says the proper words for the return of the statue.

“We will not forget that Liberty has made here her home, nor shall her chosen altar be neglected.”

We all know of the move to have the Stature of Liberty placed in Steinmetz Park off Wendell Avenue has been suggested. It’s a great honor to Mr. Steinmetz to have the park named after him, and that’s something that all residents should be proud of. But to place the Statue of Liberty there and not return her to her original place of honor should cause embarrassment to all of us who believe that after 50 years in the same place, she should be brought back home.

James A. Wilson


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