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Saratoga Springs Mayor Meg Kelly
Saratoga Springs Mayor Meg Kelly

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Cooperation helps improve Spa charter

Democrats and Republicans, commissioners and deputies all worked together to update the Saratoga Springs City Charter which will be on the ballot Nov. 6.

Thanks to Mayor Meg Kelly and the knowledgeable team she appointed to this year’s Charter Review Commission for proposing changes to make the commission form of government even more efficient and effective.

It was refreshing to listen to the in-depth discussions as commission members went line-by-line through the charter and made improvements for the voters to consider.

Videos and minutes of all of their meetings are on the city’s website if you’re curious about their discussions and how they reached decisions. City commissioners and deputies will be holding outreach meetings this month and next, at which you can ask them questions about the proposed changes.

It was great to see everyone working for the good of our city, rather than protecting their departments, thereby disproving the negative silo-descriptions circulated during last year’s referendum campaign.

I hope voters will approve of this commission’s work and vote yes in the referendum this November to update our current form of government.

Richard Sellers

Saratoga Springs


Use cameras to stop drivers passing buses

Re Sept. 6 article, “It’s about keeping our kids safe”: I read or heard about using cameras on school buses. I thought this was a great inexpensive way to warn or catch drivers who don’t pay attention to school bus stop signs. It would take a picture of their license plate. Put a “camera school bus” signs on the front and back of each school bus. Even if there were no cameras, who would know this but the bus driver and maybe the school kids? The drivers considering passing the bus wouldn’t know.

Peg Lapo



Liberal media skews public’s perspective 

I simply must point out the very liberal bias of owners, publishers and editors of TV and newspapers, starting with The Gazette’s reporting on governor’s race. You would think that there were only two candidates running, Cuomo, and Nixon, both far left. There is a Republican who has a good record, not promising the moon with no way to pay, or taxing you till eternity.

Reading Sara Foss’ Sept. 10 column [“Primary election feels like missed opportunity”], you will not find one word about this good person. Why? Bias that’s why. So brainwashed, liberals can not see truth or admit it. NBC, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, all have their versions of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Unless you watched the circus at his Senate hearing, you’ll never know the true story. Democrats grandstanding for president. Yelling, lying every step of the way, shameful indeed.

Those with any common sense can see through the fog, and baloney. But this has to change. Our nation is divided. Not presenting all sides only hurts the nation, until there’s no more United States. 

The economy is doing very well for those who want to work, the military getting much stronger, and there are many other good accomplishments. Open your eyes and ears. This what America is about. No thanks to Obama.

Al Marvell 



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