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President Donald Trump
President Donald Trump

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Limiting refugees will hurt the country

We join thousands of Returned Peace Corps volunteers nationwide in calling on all Americans to speak out against President Trump’s proposal to reduce the number of refugees admitted to the U.S. to 25,000 per year.  

It has been over four decades since so few refugees were allowed to emigrate. It will hurt our nation economically and put many lives of refugee families at greater risk.

It will also further endear Mr Trump to white nationalists and reinforce his mean-spirited policies against people of color and those who practice Islam.

Immigrants made our country great, and we as a nation continue to benefit from their many contributions. They are a vital part of our workforce and help us all better understand the privileges we enjoy as Americans.

Lyn Kucij

John Kucij


Don’t bet the church is going to change

The latest mea xulpa by Bishop Scharfenberger (Gazette Sept. 9) is simply more smoke and mirrors by the Catholic hierarchy.

If anyone listened very closely to his interviews, he said nothing. 

Does anyone really believe that he or the leaders in the Vatican are going to expose what has been going on for hundreds of years?

Does anyone believe the Catholic Church is willing to erode their Sunday donations by the faithful? Actually this is a lot worse than most people choose to believe. I have met him several times and he, without my or my sisters’ permission, administered last rites to my mother. She lived another 3-1/2 years. 

Although I was raised Catholic, I don’t subscribe to the whole divine intervention philosophy. 

At my mother’s burial mass, I had all I could do to contain myself from ripping off the priest’s collar and shoving it you know where.

In reality, the Catholic Church priesthood has got to be filled with the most sex-starved group of men on the planet. Whether or not they’re gay is irrelevant. 

What does anyone expect to happen? They’re human, not divine spirits.

The problem is covering up the pedophile priest problem. 

They lie to your face from the top down and expect the “Mystery of Faith” to hook you into looking the other way and not believe what’s really happening. “Just keep filling that basket with money, and we’ll fix our own problems.”

Is this the new Catholic Doctrine? If you’re looking for meaningful change, don’t hold your breath.

Bob Belive


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