Shatner returning to Ticonderoga in December

He'll appear Dec. 7 and 8 at the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour
William Shatner
William Shatner

TICONDEROGA — Captain Kirk is returning to Ticonderoga.

William Shatner will be back for Christmas at the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour in Ticonderoga on Friday, Dec. 7, and Saturday, Dec. 8, Original Series Set Tour owner James Cawley confirmed this week.

Shatner played Capt. James T. Kirk on the 1966-69 show and made an appearance in Ticonderoga earlier this year on May 4 and 5. Cawley said his appearance drew an estimated 1,400 fans to Ticonderoga.

Joining him in Ticonderoga will be Anson Mount, who portrays Capt. Christopher Pike on “Star Trek: Discovery.” Pike was the captain of the USS Enterprise before Kirk and was featured in the two-part episode “The Menagerie” on the original show.

Cawley said they’re billing it as “Christmas With the Captains.”

Both actors will be available for paid autographs and photo opportunities, and each will do an On the Bridge event with fans.

The Star Trek Original Series Set Tour is located in a former store at 112 Montcalm St. in downtown Ticonderoga.

Cawley built every interior from the show after obtaining a set of the original set blueprints. He also has a “Star Trek” museum that features original props plus creator Gene Roddenberry’s office with its original desk and more.

Prices range from $40 to see Shatner onstage on Saturday, to $850 for a 30-person get-together with him on the bridge on Friday, including all the other program events. An $86 general admission fee is good for the weekend. For more information, visit

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