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Resident: Schoharie limo crash intersection dangerous

'I thought it could be here, because this is where most of the accidents do happen'
The intersection of 30 and 30A as seen from the 30 approach
The intersection of 30 and 30A as seen from the 30 approach

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SCHOHARIE — Schoharie resident Richard Colyer heard the sirens Saturday afternoon and knew something horrible had happened, he said Sunday morning.

The retired Niskayuna teacher lives near the intersection of routes 30 and 30A, where 20 people were killed in a limousine crash.

“I thought it could be here,” Colyer said Sunday morning, as he visited friends at the Apple Barrel Country Store, “because this is where most of the accidents do happen.”

All 18 people inside the limo were killed when it ran a stop sign and drove into a parking lot and then down a small ravine, state police said later Sunday. Two pedestrians were also struck and killed.

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It is where two state highways meet at a T — Route 30 joins 30A at 90 degrees. Route 30A carries motorists from nearby Interstate 88 to the village of Schoharie. Route 30 takes travelers north to Amsterdam.

The Route 30 approach from the north follows a long, steep incline down to the intersection where the crash occurred.

The intersection can be a difficult one, Colyer said.

Colyer recalled a tractor-trailer crash a year or two ago, when the rig came down the Route 30 hill and ended up in almost the same spot as the limousine. He believed the cause of that crash to be brake failure.

“Whenever I’m coming this way or that way, I have to slow down just to make sure nothing untoward is happening,” Colyer said.

“It’s horrible that so many people were killed by this accident,” Colyer said. “My wife always says that this is a dangerous intersection, and I guess she’s right.”

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