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Not everyone enjoyed Charlton fireworks

I was just wondering if everyone in Charlton enjoyed the loud disgusting fireworks on Saturday night [Oct. 6]? Aren’t those fireworks illegal? Why are these people allowed to set them off and no one else can? Saturday night is not the only time either. I work all day on Saturday and would like to come home and have some quiet time. Not gonna happen when you are subjected to booming fireworks. No permits either.

Sandy Sliter



New Ballston sewer report needs review

A Sept. 25 article, “Ballston takes another try at a new sewer district,” regarding a proposed sewer district at Carpenter Acres in the town of Ballston requires clarification. 

The proposed sewer district in the neighborhood along Route 50 isn’t new. The town board has discussed the notion since 2015, when residents of Carpenter Acres approached the town. 

In November 2017, a draft engineering report was made publicly available and it was published online. The sewer district proposal was again shared with the public during my State of the Town address in January. 

On March 13, 2018, the Town Board authorized a Map, Plan and Report, which is a follow-up document that specifies the properties included in the proposed sewer district and estimates the cost for each homeowner. The town clerk only received a draft of that report on Sept. 27. The report hasn’t been reviewed by any board member or the sewer subcommittee for Carpenter Acres. 

The town, in contracting for the Map, Plan and Report, was responding to residents’ requests. The next step is to review the report and have an informed discussion to determine if it is fiscally responsible to move forward with the project.

Tim Szczepaniak


The author is the town supervisor.


Treat Mohon teachers fairly in negotiations

Mohonasen teachers are delighted that Superintendent Shannon Shine has observed the “loyalty and strong connections that school employees have to Mohonasen and the Rotterdam community” and that he wants to be part of the “Mohonasen family.” (Mohonasen superintendent takes on full agenda, Sept. 24.) 

Mohonasen teachers applaud him for that. However, as he works with teachers and our local union to reach a new collective bargaining agreement, we hope our superintendent also acknowledges our deep dedication and loyalty – and our willingness to sacrifice pay to help the district manage its fiscal challenges in its not-too-distant past.

That’s why we found his comment that Mohonasen teachers had to face cuts due to higher prescription costs to be so surprising. He chose a newspaper interview — and not face-to-face discussions — to convey that important bit of information.

Superintendent Shine faces many challenges, and we hope to continue to work together to continue to move Mohonasen forward. We also know that while prescription drug prices continue to fluctuate, we have a young, healthy faculty, which benefits the district. Higher insurance co-pays would do little to remedy this. These are the kinds of discussions that are better suited for the bargaining table — and from a superintendent who must treat teachers fairly. 

Chris Patterson


The writer is a member of the  Mohonasen Teachers Association


Step in to curb foul language in school

“I wanted people to feel uncomfortable. How would you like to walk in the hallways and hear this all the time?” Thank you, Julia Holcomb.

As a former secretary at Schenectady High School, vulgar language was a key reason for my leaving.

How embarrassing to have a parent or visitor in the office and hear girls screaming, “SMD” down the hallway and students yelling “F” this and “F” that. Why is this OK? Because it’s an urban school? How is this preparing students for the real world? How about we raise the standards and let the students rise to the occasion?

Why are there no repercussions for bad language and behavior?

In my office, foul language was not tolerated. After asking that they refrain from using bad language, they would say “Sorry Miss,” and that would be the end of it. 

I challenge Superintendent Larry Spring and the entire school board to spend a full day at Schenectady High. 

Only then will they be educated as to what the staff and rest of the students must endure day after day. Not doing so would be a disservice to the district.

Karen Staut


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