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Schoharie limo crash: Family mourns ‘pure soul’ Patrick Cushing

Cushing also played dodgeball for the US Dodgeball team
Patrick Cushing
Patrick Cushing

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Amsterdam resident Patrick Cushing was among the 20 people killed in Saturday’s Schoharie limo tragedy. He worked for the New York State Senate in the IT department and also played dodgeball on the US Dodgeball team. He attended St. Mary’s Institute and Fulton Montgomery Community College

His family this morning issued a statement mourning his loss. US Dodgeball has also posted to Facebook about their teammate and friend. Below are the Cushing family statements in their entirety, as well as the US Dodgeball statement.

The statements:

Collective – “Patrick was a pure soul. He loved his family, friends and his girlfriend in a completely unconditional manner. Patrick could walk into a crowded room and walk out later with three new friendships. Not acquaintances, friendships. A special soul in every way.”

Kevin Cushing Statement: (Father) – Growing up in Amsterdam NY, Patrick participated in pretty much every sport available – baseball, basketball, football, skateboarding, snowboarding, and soccer. He used his speed, agility and uncanny intelligence to his every advantage. He was the ultimate teammate. After games, he was also the first to shake hands, either consoling or congratulating the opposing team. Later, in his twenties, Patrick discovered Team Dodgeball. Starting in local gyms in Clifton Park NY and ending up playing in the World Championships in England and home this past year in Madison Square Garden. Patrick was a fierce competitor and left nothing on any sporting field he played on.

Most importantly, Dodgeball was an activity where he made new friends from literally all over the world. On hearing of Patrick’s accident and passing, far-flung friends expressed their pain and palpable sorrows using social media to share stories. When not playing dodgeball or pursuing his love of photography, Pat played an acrobatic third base (next to his big brother Justin, the shortstop) on many local Amsterdam softball teams. These teammate friends were mostly lifelong friends…some lost in this tragic accident. ……….”

Justin Cushing Statement: (Brother) – “To me, Patrick will always represent unconditional love. He opened his heart to his family and friends. That heart propelled him in each passion where he found a balance between his competitive drive and his caring spirit. His expressive personality and willingness to be emotionally vulnerable for the betterment of others has left an impact that we will always cherish. I have lost not just a brother, but my best friend.”

Hannah Cushing (Sister) – “Patrick was the very best of all of us. Going forward, I will always reflect on the light he cast and the joy he brought to my life and others. I will strive to be more like him. I will miss him endlessly.”

Sarah Paisley: (Stepsister) – “Patrick lived life with an open, accepting, joyful heart. He was a devoted son, brother, friend and godfather, and a friend to everyone he met.” Maya Valentin (Stepsister) “Pat lived his life with an open heart and an open mind. The world has lost one of its warmest souls.”



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