Donation hub announced for Schoharie limo crash victims

The verified page includes 12 separate campaigns with donations from around the region and country
A photo from Monday's vigil in Amsterdam
A photo from Monday's vigil in Amsterdam

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SCHOHARIE — The New York Attorney General’s Office announced Friday a verified GoFundMe donation hub has been set up for those wishing to donate to Schoharie limo crash victims’ families.

Donations have poured in from across the country to support the families, including the children of the 20 people who died. 

Questions, however, have come up as to the legitimacy of some of the campaigns. Officials created the verified donation hub, at, to ensure donations get to their intended recipients.

The Go Fund Me verified page: Verified GoFundMe Campaigns Following Limousine Crash

All campaigns listed on the page are verified by GoFundMe.

“We’re grateful to GoFundMe for partnering with our office and creating this centralized hub for verified campaigns, so that New Yorkers can rest assured that their donations will indeed support the victims’ families,” Attorney General Barbara Underwood said in a statement. 

The verified page includes 12 separate campaigns. One of the earliest campaigns, for the Jackson family of Amsterdam, is to benefit daughters Archer and Elle. It has raised more than $133,000. One of the newest campaigns, for the children of victim Rich Steenburg, is only starting to receive donations.

GoFundMe Vice President of Trust, Policy and Communications Daniel Gordon, noted that the site guarantees every dollar donated will be transferred directly to the appropriate person.

The funds are only released to the person intended as the beneficiary, and the organizer of the campaign does not have access to the funds, Gordon said.

“Our hearts go out to everyone who lost a loved one in this horrific crash. … We have reviewed all the related GoFundMe campaigns and are working with all parties to ensure the money goes directly to the victims and surviving family members of this tragedy,” Gordon said.


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