Gazette Endorsement: Gladd is made for the Senate

Democrat in 43rd District has qualifications, bipartisan experience, ability to get things done
Aaron Gladd
Aaron Gladd

If you were starting from scratch to construct the ideal politician for the 21st century, there are several qualities you’d give that person.

You’d make that politician a proven self-starter, someone who began life in adversity and rose above it. Someone who places value in a good education.

You might want that person to have military service, to demonstrate an understanding of the sacrifices others have made. You’d want that politician to have experience working both sides of the political aisle, to demonstrate an ability to succeed through compromise.

And you’d want that person to have a built-in passion for the issues of importance to the community.

Voters heading to the polls on Tuesday in the 43rd state Senate District don’t have to build such a politician.

They just have to vote for Aaron Gladd.

Gladd, a Democrat, is seeking the seat being vacated by Republican Sen. Kathleen Marchione.

Growing up poor under very challenging family circumstances in northern New York, he somehow managed to stay on the right path, finishing high school, college and obtaining his master’s degree. He served in the Army for four years after college, and has worked in state government under Republican and Democratic politicians.

Gladd has a firm grasp of the issues important to residents of the district, including veterans, rural issues and gun laws. He wants to help bring jobs to the region, in part, by making better use of incentives through efficiencies, transparency and streamlining. His government and military experience, combined with his own self-motivation, will ensure he’ll move the ball forward.

His opponent in the race, Republican Daphne Jordan, is a former small-businesswoman and aide to Marchione.

For someone with such experience, our editorial board found her startlingly lacking in specifics regarding the problems facing the district and her plans for fixing them. She can recite the Republican talking points, but offers voters little beyond that.

Aaron Gladd is an impressive newcomer to elected office who will serve the residents of the 43rd Senate District well. He deserves your vote.

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